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Floss Picks or Traditional Floss?

Floss Picks or Traditional Floss?
Everyone should floss their teeth two times a day for healthy gums and teeth. Dentists have been saying this for years, but with the addition of some new flossing materials, patients might finally be getting on board. Our team of professional dentists in Philadelphia are always urging our patients to take these precautions. However many patients are wondering if flossing sticks are as effective as traditional dental floss? Keeping reading to find pros and cons for each of these methods so you can make an educated choice on which is best for you and your family.

Traditional Dental Floss


  • Traditional dental floss provides guaranteed 360 degree maneuvering capabilities.
  • This method is cheaper than flossing sticks and picks.
  • Traditional dental floss is an excellent way to remove bacteria, plaque and food particles from between teeth.
  • It is a tried and true method that dentists and their patients have relied on for years.


  • Traditional floss may be difficult for those with restricted mobility (the young, very old, or those with physical handicaps)
  • Traditional floss may be confusing to use and may result in a sloppy and incomplete flossing job.

Dental Picks and Sticks


  • These little sticks are convenient and easy to maneuver.
  • Many models comes with a built in tooth pick.
  • These sticks can be purchased in fun flavors and colors, making them an attractive choice for children.
  • They are easy to use and dentists have found that clients floss more if this is their primary method.


  • Since the length of floss is so small, constant rinsing of the stick is necessary to maintain the highest hygiene standards.
  • These sticks are not ideal for the environment. They are generally plastic and create an extra element of waste

The bottom line is that there is limited research to suggest that one method is more effective than the other. The ADA emphasizes that flossing your teeth twice daily is key to a healthy dental hygiene. Skilled dentists in Philadelphia agree, flossing, in any form, is the best decision you can make for your teeth. Whether the client prefers flossing sticks or traditional dental floss, dentists just want you to perform the act of flossing.

Floss Picks or Traditional Floss?

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