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General Dentistry Treatments Keep Your Family’s Oral Health Up to Par

Root Canal Treatment Philadelphia

Though “root canal” may be a dreaded term among dental patients, the procedure is actually very common and is usually painless and quick. Most people find themselves needing a root canal at some point in their lives. Our staff understands that the root canal procedure is a common solution that allows patients to keep their natural teeth and alleviate pain that is typically much worse than the procedure itself. A root canal can be performed in a single visit to our practice and is usually covered by dental insurance. Advances in dentistry allow our Philadelphia dentists to perform a root canal quickly and with relatively little discomfort to our patients.

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Orthodontics Philadelphia

Orthodontics correct irregularities in bite and tooth alignment through slow tooth movement over time. While this area of cosmetic dentistry has often been limited to the younger generations in the past, more and more adults are now investing in orthodontics to remedy their cosmetic smile concerns. Because new technology has allowed for non-invasive and nearly invisible orthodontics, even during treatment people will notice your smile instead of bulky braces! We can perfectly straighten crooked teeth more discreetly than in the past, offering an alternative to traditional orthodontic braces with Invisalign®.

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Periodontics Philadelphia

Gum disease is the cause of about 70 percent of adult tooth loss. Bacterial plaque is the primary cause of gum disease. Some recent studies have even linked periodontal disease to cardiovascular problems. When discovered and treated early through routine dental care, gum disease and its negative health effects can be avoided. Some symptoms of gum disease may include pain in the mouth, tender or swollen gums and bad breath. In the early stages of the disease, treatment may include scaling and root planning, where plaque and calculus are removed from around the tooth and the root surfaces are smoothed. More advanced cases require surgical treatment. A regular regimen of oral hygiene is extremely important. At our practice we not only do a careful and complete assessment to determine which treatment is most suitable for you, but we also offer comprehensive information on preventive and post-treatment care.

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TMJ Disorder Treatment

The TMJ, or temporo-mandibular joint, is the point at which the lower jaw meets the skull and is located right in front of the ear. This joint is one of the more complex and powerful joints in the human body and is prone to problems that are announced through discomfort and popping in the jaw. Known as TMJ Disorder or TMD, malfunction of this joint affects millions of Americans every year. Though the causes of TMJ disorder vary from person to person, there are a number of effective treatments. Treatments for problems with the TMJ at our practice are typically non-invasive and painless. Often TMJ problems are solved with slight lifestyle changes. Though surgical treatment for complications of TMJ is available, our Philadelphia dentists will attempt to alleviate TMD with lifestyle recommendations or bite appliances before pursuing a surgical solution.

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Migraine and Headache Treatment

Many do not realize it, but headaches are often rooted in problems with the jaw and teeth. Many cases of headaches and migraines have been effectively treated at our practice. Approximately 13 percent of the population is believed to experience migraines. For a large number of these sufferers, clenching and unclenching the jaw as they sleep can lead to migraines and headaches. Our dentists can prescribe a special device to relieve the migraines and headaches of our patients. You can easily be fitted with a night guard that can help eliminate migraines and headaches by reducing unconscious clenching of the jaw.

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